In the XVIIIth century the Count of Tristan, then owner of Montpoupon, re-created part of the grounds north of the property. In 1773, he was presented with the formal plan, which he accepted. Restoration work in the grounds commenced in 1786, but was interrupted by the French revolution.

In 2006, extensive renovations were undertaken to re-dig this stretch of water, which has been filled up in the XIXth century. Drawings of the formal gardens were re-drawn and are shown in the four patches with their varied herbs, in accordance with the original plans of 1773.

The garden is surrounded by water ending in a lake reflecting the castle.


A stroll in the forest, where local fauna and flora abound, admin animal tracks and the silhouettes of nature, many species of trees with their barks and leaves…
Deer, fox, roe deer, wild boar, hare, badger, squirrel, birds, freshwater fish, but also flowers and trees of the Loire valley will no longer be a secret to you!
During the summer you can get to know our Castle mascots! The horses and the ponies.

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